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[Time They are a Changing]
May 8, 2010, 8:01 PM
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I htink is time for a drastic change. More professional and more in the same way as me now. PLEASE ADD THAT NEW LINK to your blogroll*

—> NEW BLOG IS READY TO FLY! *mijn’s unusual closet*


[Eat me if you dare]
May 8, 2010, 10:37 AM
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This is Koreshan Bake Sale #4 time! That event will probably running till next Sunday and if you’re hungry you bet not go there *lol*

Tables with food-inspired item, some freebie too and some great cool MUST HAVE things. I’m sure you know well Apatia’s store PIG. One of the most great handmade store ever inworld. She is talented and she is really up in the fashion. She has style, she is in less word FANTASTIC. Her textures are one of the best, maybe THE BEST in world.  And Apatia is one of the partecipant of that Koreshan Bake Sale. And girlz, and boys, you can’t miss her item!  Artsy, creative and of course absolutely well made item inspired from food things..so here it is, a lattuce bodysuite that is really nice to wear, and if you wear it, pay attention someone maybe wanna eat you then! XD

Another great news: Fashionably Dead NEW EXTRAORDINARY GREAT MUST HAVE skins. You’ll never take them off. Each skin is 500L, 2500L for fatpack. Each tone have 3 different fatpack and each skin comes with like 5 eyebrow options! And another little news, SIXTY NINE new hair. That news could be great for all who, like me, joined the group (300L) and wondering if something new will come. And here we are, splendid well textured and sculpt hair. Only a little problem: only the group member can buy them. And no, they aren’t free. But listen to me, they are too great for lost them!


Skin: (fd) Bird Skin – Faded #6

Eyes: EbiShop – GlassyEyes Black (Free)

Hair: [69] ME – Mocha Collection

Lemon on mouth: ::SPLIT PEA:: – Mouth Lemon Freebie @ Koreshan Bake Sale

Bodysuit: Pig – Hearts of Romaine @ Koreshan Bake Sale

Shoes: AOHARU – Ethnic Bijou Sandals (Opal)

Pose: Dismorph – Losing my edge

[the background is edited in photoshop with stock image from deviantart.com]

[&Bean love]
April 29, 2010, 6:48 PM
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[Beach Chic]
April 25, 2010, 7:06 PM
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Finally the weather is ready for the summer! What a beautiful days to spend walking around the little streets of Venice, looking at the water here and there and wondering os much to go to the seaside… And what a wonderfull time for shopping! Couse we know, on the beach we always need to be chic*

So today is beach chic day girlz! Fruits, coca-cola, fresh and bright colors, cool sunglasses, soft charm swimsuit and a nice skin tone to show walking near the sea. Those things are a must. And we cant not be chic even out of the beach! With a simple but elegant dress for go out for a drink. My fav one is screwdriver… I think is such a perfect cocktail: vodka and oranje juice. Again fresh and cool*

So I wanna call another time two of my fav stores: fri.day new hair and *MyUGLYDOROTHY* new skins! And well… I put some of my new item too *_____*

Actually my mainstore is under construction but I put in all my new items, so If you want to take a look feel free to walk around my cardboard town ^^

Ok I’ll stop talking and here they are, my chic beach looks*


Look #1

Skin: MY UGLYDOROTHY -Vienna-L02 – NEW!

Eyes: EbiShop – GlassyEyes Black (Free)

Hair: fri.day – Cassidy 2 – Scornful Red – NEW!

Eyeglasses: Surf Co. – My VW Thing Sunglasses – Green

Swimsuit: mijn.t [BIRUBIRU] swimsuit (comes with a sculpt ribbon in the back) – SKY – NEW!

Pants: Surf Co. – Shack Shorts – Dark Blue

Socks: Pig Shop – Mit Suspenders (old gift, but you can find all colors in the store!)

Shoes: 2g – COURU (white_pink_navy)

Pose: Dismorph (coming soon)


Look #2

Skin: MY UGLYDOROTHY -Vienna-L02 – NEW!

Eyes: EbiShop – GlassyEyes Black (Free)

Hair: fri.day – Cassidy – Scornful Red – NEW!

Eyeglasses: Surf Co. – My VW Thing Sunglasses – Green

Dress: mijn.t [BASIC IS THE POINT] dress – LEMON – NEW!

Socks: Pig Shop – Duotone Socks Mit Suspenders – pollen (was a 50LF item)

Shoes: Shoes: Surf Co. – Group Gift for Valentine’s Day ❤ SHOES ❤

Pose: Dismorph (coming soon)

[the pic of the background is from deviantart.com]

[I’m Geek Chic!]
April 17, 2010, 11:28 AM
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Yesterday I introduce you the CIRCLE PROJECT… today is the time of PROJECT THEMEORY! So mayne events in  SL guys, all wondefull!

Project Themeory is a weekend event based on theme theories. Brought to you by Plastic Swords and Kyrsten Jigsaw. Every weekend a group of designers will make items following a chosen theme. These items will be available for 75L during the event.

Participating stores include: acid, action surf & skate, addict, arai, bene, + blacklisted +, blah to wah, boom, d lab, dismorph, Duboo, dustarzz, exodi, fri.day, gauged, glitterati, happy finds, intrigue co., kyoot, luck inc., mala, medly, mijn. t, mocha, modd g., molto bene, mustache, napoliy, pink fuel, pig, ploom, republica, rbcg, the seahole, strumpet, soap co., tyranny d., vive 9, what next, whippet & buck, young urban & more.

for SLurls and Info you can join the group inworld: secondlife:///app/group/ec3d2979-99bd-b899-010b-c49f39beacf1/about

My store mijn.t is partecipating at this event, the cool thing is that the themes incourage our designer to make cool things! Evry week there are different stores and different theme! This weekend the theme is GEEK CHIC! And this is my interpretation of the theme, as designer and even as blogger *_____*

Don’t forget to run to Atomic too! It’s stumblebum time! 3 skin tone, all 3 cool, 500L each! Comes with or wothout claverage! Those skins hav eteeth! One of the best teeth skin ever*

So a lot of thing to remind guys! Hope you have a good mind, but I know you have it! XD


Look #1

Skin: [ATOMIC] Skin Grace_Porcelain – Teeth (special stumblebum item)

Eyes: EbiShop – GlassyEyes Black (Free)

Hair: Clawtooth – The Seas Met – Bombshell Blonde

Floppy disk: Molto Bene! – The Oregon Trail Disk  (exclusive for Project Themory Geek Chic Week!)

Tie: mijn.t [MY DADDY’s TIE] exclusive @ THE CIRCLE PROJECT

Shirt:Pig Shop – Ladies Like Flowers Rouge

Pants: Milk Motion – my highwaist wool pants

Shoes: Picnic – shoes from winter choice! 2009

Pose: DM – Charlie Chaplin


Look #2

Skin: [ATOMIC] Skin Grace_Porcelain – Teeth (special stumblebum item)

Eyes: EbiShop – GlassyEyes Black (Free)

Hair: Clawtooth – The Seas Met – Bombshell Blonde

Eyeglasses: mijn.t [I’m geek chic] 3d eyeglasses part of (exclusive price for the Project themeory this weekend!)

Dress: mijn.t [I’m geek chic] dress (exclusive price for the Project themeory this weekend!)

Socks: Pig Shop – Duotone Socks Mit Suspenders – Key West (was for 50L Friday)

Shoes: COCO – OxfordShoes (Patent-Black)

Pose: fri.day – model pose 24

[the pic of the background is from deviantart.com]

April 16, 2010, 12:11 PM
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I wanna introduce you to that event called THE CIRCLE PROJECT! This is one of some great events that are going inworld this year! The greatest thing is that the item made by designers are exclusive for that event and they will be out for a month! (even if I can tell you that there are the last month item still out!). This event start from Wheathering Mode’s idea.

“A circle is the reflection of eternity. It has no beginning and it has no end.
The circle is considered a symbol of unity, because all the regular polygons are embraced by the circle. It is also the symbol of infinity, without beginning or end, perfect, the ultimate geometric symbol.
The circle project.. a elite group of designers who come together and unite from one common bond – the love to design”.

Let’s stay tuned on the news about that event! Join the new Flickr Group and add to the pool with your outfits from the exclusive items you can get at the circle project! 🙂
The Circle Project (TCP) include those store:

Mijn.t, Kenzie & CO., Sugar Skull, *BOOM*, Pididdle, [Butt-err], [insignia], Addict, Tyranny Designs, Pink Fuel, Don’t freak out!, lamb., CheerNo, END, Strumpet, !Imabee, Shade Throne, The Habitat, Young Urban, Touche, Intrigue Co., rbcg., and more! 🙂

As you can see my store is part of that project and I wanna share with you my creation! Don’t forget to look at my old items as they’re all at 50% off! And I put out even 2 freebie *_______*

I made a BIB guys! Yes! A bib!! The bib comes with a nice script that will allow you to play changing colours of ech part of the bib (the bib, the bag and the cutley set!)… OUT NOW!! only 50L ^^

So have fun loves*


Skin: (fd) Ghost Organs – Dusty Wings (only 300L for skin till 10 may!)

Eyes: EbiShop – GlassyEyes Black (Free)

Hair: (fd) Jennyfly – Cream Filling

Shirt: (Milk Motion) my crow cardigan (DU II ITEM – NOT FOR SALE)

Pants: *COCO* – Gift Salopette (try to look if it is still out)

Bib: mijn.t [I’m a gluttony’s baby] BIB with BAG @ THE CIRCLE PROJECT

Pose: (PDA) Venus in furs


[the pic of the background is from deviantart.com]

April 11, 2010, 12:50 PM
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fri.day new release are absolutely fab! As always the great textures and sculpts are a must but this time I think I really go mad for those things! They’re punk, soft casual and great for every time. And how not to put them toghether with other some cool stuff? Did you hear about the dressing room? I’m sure you did. Well if not go here and have a look at the great place! You can found disconted thing by some fab designers in world! Here is the BLOG link for all the info 😀

So let’s save time and see the new fri.day georgeous items and don’t forget to go and see the dressing room! Is not time to save money *___*


(in both looks)

Skin: *YS & YS* – Stella Cute Skin – @ The Dressing Room (only 70L)

Eyes: EbiShop – GlassyEyes Black (Free)

lashes: part of [kik] hair gacha at tic tac toe sim!

Hair: [leLutka] – ISHA hair – Bambie (group gift, dunno if is still out, you may need to try to look in notices)

Eyeglasses: mijn.t – [MY LOG HAS SOMETHING TO TELL YOU] eyeglasses (@ the wonderfull sim all inspired by David Lynch tv serie “TWIN PEAKS” – taxi here)

Shoes: fri.day – Basic Flats (Black)


Look #1

Jacket: fri.day – Tourist Jacket (Black) – NEW

Shirt: fri.day – Traveler’s Tank (White) – NEW

Skirt: fri.day – Vacation Mini (Pink) – NEW

Leggins: fri.day – Cutoff Stockings (Navy) – NEW

Pose: <porcupine love> – never meant to put you down


Look #2

Dress: fri.day – Reverie Dress (Charcoal) – NEW

Tights: fri.day – Opaque Stockings (Oatmeal) – NEW

Pose: (PDA) mainlining Mystery

[background pics from deviantart.com, postproduction by me in photoshop]