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[Sexy in black]
February 1, 2010, 4:26 PM
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I was just login in world and I hear “toktoktoktok” on my door. And It was Sopha’s new sexy skinline girl! Oh my YES! They’re cool, they’re sexy, they’re tan and with a lot of options. All the make ups comes in normal and with 6 tattos options! Ok I was so like “I’ll never go tan, couse I love pale”. Well I was wrong, I mean those skins are so wonderfull, with high quality textures! A simple MUST HAVE for be so sexy.cool.nice.girlz.in.tan!

And not forget to run at Fishy Strawberry! As Fae have a new mainstore look, there is only for one week a wonderfull sale! And look at my lingerie, am I sexy? lol.


Skins from MY UGLYDOROTHY – Lau (L), Lau (M), Lau (T)


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OHAI sexy chocolate woman ❤ nomnom lol

Comment by Euni Kira

awwww \o/ sweetie euni sexy girlz ever ^^

sometimes choco is really good*


Comment by mijn

♥ ♥ waaaaa ♥ ♥ le skin di UglyDorothy sono sempre meravigliose!!

Comment by Aubergine

assolutamente splendide! <333

Comment by mijn

really nice skins! ^^
i like your style 😉
buon lavoro!

Comment by sarajessicabayn

awww ty so much! I’m really happy you like my style, is sooooo hard to choose some cool outfits to share ^^

Comment by mijn

Nice post^^
When I first saw this skin, I didn’t like it.
Seeing it on you makes me really want it now lol.

Comment by Ashe Anthony

I think this are the best sweetie skin with teeth I ever seen. It is so soft and cutie*

ty so much hun

Comment by mijn

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