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[Sexy in black]
February 1, 2010, 4:26 PM
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I was just login in world and I hear “toktoktoktok” on my door. And It was Sopha’s new sexy skinline girl! Oh my YES! They’re cool, they’re sexy, they’re tan and with a lot of options. All the make ups comes in normal and with 6 tattos options! Ok I was so like “I’ll never go tan, couse I love pale”. Well I was wrong, I mean those skins are so wonderfull, with high quality textures! A simple MUST HAVE for be so sexy.cool.nice.girlz.in.tan!

And not forget to run at Fishy Strawberry! As Fae have a new mainstore look, there is only for one week a wonderfull sale! And look at my lingerie, am I sexy? lol.


Skins from MY UGLYDOROTHY – Lau (L), Lau (M), Lau (T)


[Hot milk is better]
January 13, 2010, 11:38 AM
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This morning I feel really sick so I needed to drink some hot things. I logged into SL and I bring my MAGIC NOOK splendid cup of milk (well, you can choose btw milk, cocoa, tea and so on ^^). I feel so happy so I needed to dress like “early morning style” and take a snap*. And of course I needed to post here! So this morning I don’t have too many words, I really need to go bed again maybe -.-‘.

Hope you feel good, and if not well…take this cutie outfit on and dring with a sweetie smile on your face*


Skin: Tres Blah – Hiccup Lavender Lippie (Light Skin tone) Limited Editiuon for the Stumblebum event

Hair: lamb – Whoop Dee Doo (Chocolate Bars Pack)

Eyes: EbiShop – GlassyEyes Green (Free)

Scarf: ARGRACE – Hooded Scarf style B – old xmas gift

Shirt: Fishy Strawberry – Oversized Cardigan (Brown)

Jacket: Milk Motion – My knit cardigan (green) only avaible at Albero winter festival but soon even at Marie’s mainstore at Cupcake

Socks: Picnic – lace socks (ribbon)

Shoes: LeLutka – Saffron Pumps (Neutral Green) group GIFT look in notice if is still avaible.

Mug: MAGIC NOOK – mugs (I had the fatpack is a must have item for me!)

Pose: IZUMIYA – pose 015

[The background texture is from deviantart.com]

[My deer is eating me]

Hi! That is my first post and I’m really so happy to share with you this experience! Today I just login and need to make me look like a sweetie deer, and got a notecard from Milk Motion (I don’t have to explain how I love Marie’s things couse I obviusly LOVE all them too much for words!) saying that there are a special stuff at Albero winter festival (only one week)! And OMG look what I found, that cutie fur jacket with pinty shoulder pads and a big leather ribbon!! This winter I collect a very impressive-obsessive list of fur jacket -.-‘ but that is a MUST HAVE! So please, go look at Albero splenid sim and look for your new things! We are still in winter and for me well…as I hate cold, the only thing I can think is winter=Xmas=Gifts!!! XD

I talk of the jacket but I’m not forgetting to say that I’ll release fri.day things (tytyty), one of my fav stores at the moment. I have all her hairs, and this armwarmer are really too cutie for leave them in the inventory!!!

As this post seems to be an infinity list of my fav stores on SL (excuse me I know, I’m talking too much!) I can’t not mention Fishy Strawberry store! I mean, look at my pantssssss!!! The texture is splendid, amazing work of a talent girl*. And no, no I’m not forgiving DP Yumyum boots, not forgiving the Runoruno shirt that I’m wearing under the fur jacket (look at the shoulder part that came off, leaving a sensual look to the arm!).

Last but only couse I wanna share a little words to her, is Kekona items: the deer ears and antlers. They’re high quality sculpt items and she is very one of the most talent people I know. I hope her store will grow up couse she is magical great in making skin and her eyes are the best eyes of SL for me. Actually she says to me that her store is closed. So take crossed your fingers girls! Hoping with me to her to come back!


Skin: Tres Blah – Hiccup Lavender Lippie (Light Skin tone) Limited Editiuon for the Stumblebum event

Hair: fri.day – Amelia.2 (Moody Brown)

Eyes: EbiShop – GlassyEyes Green (Free)

Deer Ears & Antlers: EbiShop – DeereEars and DeerHorns (honestly I don’t remember if they were a group gift)

Shirt: RunoRuno – part of Knit Tank

Jacket: Milk Motion – my fur and leather vest v1 (grey) only avaible at Albero winter festival but soon even at Marie’s mainstore at Cupcake

Armwarmers: fri.day – Arm.Warmers (Gray)

Pants: Fishy Strawberry – Corduroy Treggings (Brown)

Boots: **DP**yumyum Shoes – Classic belt boots (DG)

Pose: (( D!va )) Pose * ko *

[The background texture is from JoeSistah… album on flickr. A lot of her texture are free for non commercial use! The snow is a png image I found on deviantart.com]