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[Glitter(ati) day]
January 27, 2010, 4:58 PM
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Glitterati is such a cool place for get some cutie poses! The owner ask out bloggers to help her promote those news one! As she had so many requests to bring back the old Headshot set, she didn’t  just releasing the old one but she have made a whole new set (yeap!). The coolest thing is that this new headshot set is designed for close ups of your face, so all the pose set is, but have the body position too, so you can take pics of head and body as well!
How to get them? There is a vendor set up, that goes active at a certain time. It cuts off at the end of the day. It offers a limited amount of items at a much reduced cost. It will NOT let you purchase the item before the start time.
The day is THURSDAY 28th JANUARY. At 00.00SLT the vendor will go active. It will NOT work before that! But is set up and available to demo now if you would like to do that. It will NOT be available after SL Daily Deals closes! It is located inside, by the new items. It includes lots of different hand morphs for poses where that applies, so tons and tons of options. And best of all, it’s super super cheap!
Katey I simply love you*

Here there is the AD that Katey gives me with the poses, and of course I couldnt not to try them on me too! So have fun girlz!