*my unusual second life closet*

[Can I call it Geek Beach?]
April 5, 2010, 4:59 PM
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Aww I want to go to the beach!!! And as I’ll go but still under exams in RL, I wanted to make a mh..can I call it geek beach style? ^^ I wish I could make that pic more funny thou! Well, I’m still a lot geek beach here mhuahauhauha *_____*


Skin: *DEN-DOU* Keiko -Pale/04 Pink

Eyes: EbiShop – GlassyEyes Black (Free)

lashes: part of [kik] hair gacha at tic tac toe sim!

Bandaid: Reek – Bandaids – Hearts

Hair: lamb – The Glow – Butterfinger

Hat: AY.LinE – Tuliphat

Eyeglasses: vive9 – Risky Readers [bad.olives] – aww you dont know how much I’ll miss you*

Bikini: artilleri – Jeanette bikini *nautical* (FLF old item)

Jacket: NINIKO – Retro Blouse-OpenType (White)

Bag: Tres Blah – tote bag (FLF old item)

Socks: Pig Shop – Socks Mit Suspenders Clean White

Shoes: (fd) – Jellies (Blueberry)

Pose: dfo! [pose] like a sloth/laziness for THE CIRCLE PROJECT (coming soon 14 of april!)

[picture taken at Surf Co. sim]


[The little red riding hood sisters]
March 3, 2010, 11:33 AM
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I wanted to introduce some new stores I really love, they both make me imagine that pic with two little red riding hood personal interpretation… the girls are strongh and the blood on their nose is couse they’ve just kill the enemy*

Ok I’m not a positive person *lol*

By the way, I hope you can enjoy those stores, couse they have very chep things but with very cute quality! I really loved to shopping by them! So take your eyes open and have fun! And remember not to wake up the wolf!


look #1

Skin: DEN-DOU – Keiko ate the chocolate by stealth (one of the wonderfull gifts of Cupid heart HUNT)

Eyes: EbiShop – GlassyEyes Green (Free)

Hair: fri.day – Eloise – Blonds pack

Cape: Last Eden – Bear Hat and Cape

Shirt: part of Luster – Tulip – Red

Jacket: MNK*SHOP (nikukyu) – FurFur jacket (brown)

Skirt: GATO – Bird Skirt

Tight: GATO – FloweryPants

Shoes: Surf Co. – Group Gift for Valentine’s Day ❤ SHOES ❤


look #2

Skin: DEN-DOU – Keiko ate the chocolate by stealth (one of the wonderfull gifts of Cupid heart HUNT)

Eyes: EbiShop – GlassyEyes Green (Free)

Hair: lamb – The Chills – Butterfinger (NEW and absolutly MUST HAVE!)

Dress: {u.f.o} – kate op dress

Socks: Pig Shop – Knee Sock Mit Suspenders – Flamingo

Shoes: Kookie – Vintage Armarda Boots (Fifty Linden Friday items)

[Angel’s love]
February 8, 2010, 8:29 PM
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Love hurt so much. That is the new year lesson #1. But all the time I think at the “love” meaning I can’t not imagine a soft thing, white and pink, a sweetie cookie in my mouth, a chocolate candy in my eyes. So girl, I wanna really say, for you that can spend it well, Happy Valentine’s day! I think I’ll spend it with my cat Pepe*. Better way girlz, better way XD

Those days I feel like a falling angel, and I feel so good in SL, wearing a really cool dress. One of the best angel-style dress I ever seen! Angel, love, Valentine’s day…awwwww I need loveeeeeee, I need cuddle! So thats me in those sad days, tears go down and I feel so blonde and white and little*

Hugging my bear,


Skin: MY UGLYDOROTHY -Nina_Deep Berrish (I lovelovelovelove that skin so much!)

Eyes: EbiShop – GlassyEyes Green (Free)

Eyeglasses: vive9 Risky Readers

Hair: lamb – I’m a romantic – Butter

Dress: [twee] guppy white

Gloves: part of Paper Couture – Jasmine Vest

Leggins: Ohmai – Basics Sheer Leggings BLANK (free!)

Shoes: DP yumyum – Classic belt boots (DG)

Bear: *M* Group Gift (so damned cutie!)

Pose: Dismorph – baby in the corner

[The background texture is from deviantart.com]

[Cupid brokes my heart]
February 3, 2010, 1:19 PM
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I found a link to this website in a plurk, KAWAII NOT, and OMG, you have to believe me, I spend all my afternoon looking at those funny pics!

This is the bad year ever for me. What “better” than a love to finish for start a “good” year, eh? And of course, better if it finish near St. Valentine’s day! Ok I’ll stop talking about my RL live. -.-

But all around I hear people saying love is great and so on and I feel so sad! So yes, love is the most splendid thing you can have in your live. Love is the best way to feel, love is the only thing I ever wanted. But love sucks sometimes. And hurt as no one can hurt. Is the more dangerous poison ever. And the cutiest blood that go down my nose. And my heart. Forgive me for this bad english*

I LOVE you all girlz. I really love you.


Skin: DEN-DOU – Keiko ate the chocolate by stealth (one of the wonderfull gifts of Cupid heart HUNT)

Eyes: EbiShop – GlassyEyes Green (Free)

Hair: lamb – I’m a realist (Butterfinger)

Sweater: fri.day – Draped.Back Sweater (Pink)

Armwarmers: fri.day – Arm.Warmers (Glitch) – Pink

Leggings: Ohmai – Basics Sheer Leggings [BARBIE]

Skirt: part of Luster – Valentina – Noir

Shoes: Periquita – Simplest flats (I bought a fatpack couse they’re too cutie!) and part of Kookie – Sand Sandals (Pastel Pink)

Love letter: Atelier AM – Love letter (part of Cupid heart HUNT)

The pic was take at the splendid HUG mainstore location. A simple touch of dream*

For more INFO about the cupid heart HUNT go at the starting location. And If you wanna listen me, go and do it now! In you want to see some tips and a mix of the prizes, look at that Anya’s post on Free*Style! Ty sweetie Anya*

[Hot milk is better]
January 13, 2010, 11:38 AM
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This morning I feel really sick so I needed to drink some hot things. I logged into SL and I bring my MAGIC NOOK splendid cup of milk (well, you can choose btw milk, cocoa, tea and so on ^^). I feel so happy so I needed to dress like “early morning style” and take a snap*. And of course I needed to post here! So this morning I don’t have too many words, I really need to go bed again maybe -.-‘.

Hope you feel good, and if not well…take this cutie outfit on and dring with a sweetie smile on your face*


Skin: Tres Blah – Hiccup Lavender Lippie (Light Skin tone) Limited Editiuon for the Stumblebum event

Hair: lamb – Whoop Dee Doo (Chocolate Bars Pack)

Eyes: EbiShop – GlassyEyes Green (Free)

Scarf: ARGRACE – Hooded Scarf style B – old xmas gift

Shirt: Fishy Strawberry – Oversized Cardigan (Brown)

Jacket: Milk Motion – My knit cardigan (green) only avaible at Albero winter festival but soon even at Marie’s mainstore at Cupcake

Socks: Picnic – lace socks (ribbon)

Shoes: LeLutka – Saffron Pumps (Neutral Green) group GIFT look in notice if is still avaible.

Mug: MAGIC NOOK – mugs (I had the fatpack is a must have item for me!)

Pose: IZUMIYA – pose 015

[The background texture is from deviantart.com]