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[Can I call it Geek Beach?]
April 5, 2010, 4:59 PM
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Aww I want to go to the beach!!! And as I’ll go but still under exams in RL, I wanted to make a mh..can I call it geek beach style? ^^ I wish I could make that pic more funny thou! Well, I’m still a lot geek beach here mhuahauhauha *_____*


Skin: *DEN-DOU* Keiko -Pale/04 Pink

Eyes: EbiShop – GlassyEyes Black (Free)

lashes: part of [kik] hair gacha at tic tac toe sim!

Bandaid: Reek – Bandaids – Hearts

Hair: lamb – The Glow – Butterfinger

Hat: AY.LinE – Tuliphat

Eyeglasses: vive9 – Risky Readers [bad.olives] – aww you dont know how much I’ll miss you*

Bikini: artilleri – Jeanette bikini *nautical* (FLF old item)

Jacket: NINIKO – Retro Blouse-OpenType (White)

Bag: Tres Blah – tote bag (FLF old item)

Socks: Pig Shop – Socks Mit Suspenders Clean White

Shoes: (fd) – Jellies (Blueberry)

Pose: dfo! [pose] like a sloth/laziness for THE CIRCLE PROJECT (coming soon 14 of april!)

[picture taken at Surf Co. sim]


February 24, 2010, 6:30 PM
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vive9 release some cutest skin this time! and a very high quality sculpt skirt and scarf and boots! You need to give a look at vive9 NOW! As I really can’t descrive in the best way how great this items are, let’s see the pic, and please, go to vive9, you’ll need them all!


skins by vive9 – Carrot (comes with eyebrows options and with or without freak*)

Look #1 and 2

Skin: vive9 – Carrot [fair] Red

Eyes: EbiShop – GlassyEyes Green (Free)

Hair: Maitreya – Nimue – Cacao

Hairband: Happy Finds – Rose Headband (Blue)

Scarf: vive9 – Roll-Up Scarf

Bra: vive9 – LeoBandeau’s

Skirt: vive9 – Manhatten UPTOWN Skirt and Manhatten Skirt DOWNTOWN

[Angel’s love]
February 8, 2010, 8:29 PM
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Love hurt so much. That is the new year lesson #1. But all the time I think at the “love” meaning I can’t not imagine a soft thing, white and pink, a sweetie cookie in my mouth, a chocolate candy in my eyes. So girl, I wanna really say, for you that can spend it well, Happy Valentine’s day! I think I’ll spend it with my cat Pepe*. Better way girlz, better way XD

Those days I feel like a falling angel, and I feel so good in SL, wearing a really cool dress. One of the best angel-style dress I ever seen! Angel, love, Valentine’s day…awwwww I need loveeeeeee, I need cuddle! So thats me in those sad days, tears go down and I feel so blonde and white and little*

Hugging my bear,


Skin: MY UGLYDOROTHY -Nina_Deep Berrish (I lovelovelovelove that skin so much!)

Eyes: EbiShop – GlassyEyes Green (Free)

Eyeglasses: vive9 Risky Readers

Hair: lamb – I’m a romantic – Butter

Dress: [twee] guppy white

Gloves: part of Paper Couture – Jasmine Vest

Leggins: Ohmai – Basics Sheer Leggings BLANK (free!)

Shoes: DP yumyum – Classic belt boots (DG)

Bear: *M* Group Gift (so damned cutie!)

Pose: Dismorph – baby in the corner

[The background texture is from deviantart.com]

[vive9 – Marianne]
January 15, 2010, 6:46 PM
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As in the previous post maybe I didn’t give the right honour at that wonderfull skins, that is my first skin review girls! And that’s the vive9 skin! It comes as I sais in light, pale and tan version with dark and light eyebrow options, with or without teeth, and with or without freaks!!! <333


skins from vive9 – Marianne in light version

[We don’t need no education]
January 13, 2010, 5:31 PM
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All the day in my bed. All the day drinking orange juice and trying to study. And yeah, now I say it. I don’t want to go school XD. Let’s say the truth, I will go to school ONLY if I can wear like this for my first 2010 day at my University. I absolutly love that school bag, remember me the Magritte’s drawings. And the socks? Perfect for the Venice time, that is always like “cold, rain, cold, rain, cold, snow”. And high water ^^. So here it is, my school uniform, I’m sure. And if I can’t dress like this in RL well, byebye school!

mhuhauahuaha of course I’m not serious (mh).


Skin: &Bean – Pillow Light Group Gift

Hair: Kin – Holly (Blonde)

Eyes: EbiShop – GlassyEyes Green (Free)

Eyeglasses: (vive9) – Risky Readers (bad.olives)

Scarf: part of AOHARU – HappyWinter (Set B)

Armwarmers: fri.day – Arm.Warmers (Teal)

School Bag: =IZUMIYA= – Casual Ruck (Cloud&Blue)

Shirt: .vena cava. – Blue Clavicle Blouse

Skirt: [LeLutka] – PAINE mini (SEASHELL)

Tights: !Ohmai – Basics Sheer Leggings (MARINE)

Socks: !DADA! – umbrella socks (white)

Shoes: +mocha+ –  Felt Ballet Shoes (Blue)

Poses: BP* girl stand 1 & BP* girl stand 2 (don’t remember if they were a gift)

[Location Slurl here]